Our Story:

My husband and I have always hated putting our silverware or chopsticks on a bare tabletop when eating out and we were frustrated with stains on 0ur table linens following a dinner party.

Browsing through many table decoration ideas and table setting products, I saw silverware rests made of glass, porcelain , etc. This made me think “Why can’t silverware and chopstick rests be made of a more portable and disposable material?”.  Hence, the product REST-it was created.

  1. REST-it is a great table top decoration that adds a little fun to your place setting.
  2. REST-it is environmentally friendly.
  3. REST-it has many different themes; each theme has 8 different conversation starter sayings or statements.
  4. REST-its are portable, reusable and disposable.
  5. REST-it helps prevent stains on table linens

More about our product:

REST-it’s Customer Purpose: REST-it addresses the “unspoken reality” that people have a sanitary concern about putting their silverware and chopsticks on a table top by elevating them  off of the table.  This silverware and chopsticks sanitary concern is the basis for our idea to create a (1) low cost, (2) environmentally friendly, (3) portable (business card size), (4) reusable (3 to 5 times), and disposable REST-it to solve this issue.

REST-it, LLC is a Texas company.  REST-it’s product is protected by three Patents and is Copyright and Trademark registered. REST-it’s product is Made in the USA.

PROOF OF CONCEPT:  During 2017 REST-it was test-marketed for six months in several chain and casino restaurants (House of Blues and Coushatta  (the largest casino in the state of Louisiana) and Golden Nugget casinos.)  Approximately 70% of women and 40% of men restaurant customers took their REST-it with them when they finished their meal. Many of these customers asked where they could buy REST-its for their personal use when eating out and entertaining at home.

Based on this test market customer feedback, during 2017-2018 REST-it developed several versions of its product for sale via the Internet to individuals, retail stores and suppliers.

REST-it supports eating germ free as possible, is environmentally friendly, and adds a “distinctive and classy look” to the table setting!