NEVER Again Put Your SILVERWARE or CHOPSTICKS on a Table Top When Eating a Meal!

REST-it supports eating germ free as possible, is environmentally friendly, and adds a "distinctive and classy look" to the table setting!
The BENEFITS of Using a REST-it are:
  1. Elevates silverware or chopsticks off of the table top.
  2. Each one has a fun Saying that is a great conversation starter.
  3. Makes a GREAT GIFT!
  4. Business card size makes it easy to be carried in a purse or wallet.
  5. It is reusable and disposable.


1. Reduces the need to request extra napkins while eating.
2. Are made of recyclable light cardboard.
1. These Funny Wine Sayings are great for a Girl’s Night Out!
2. These Inspirational Sayings give a person a lift even on a “not “so happy” day.
3. These Funny Hospital Sayings   will put a smile on anyone’s face.
4.  Over the Hill Sayings make a great birthday gift.  You are never too old to laugh at these sayings.
5. These Religious Sayings will  give you a sense of peace and tranquility – great for religious functions and dinner parties.
6. These conversation starter sayings liven up the eating experience!