REST-its Customer Purpose: REST-it addresses the “unspoken reality” that people, especially women, have a sanitary concern about putting their silverware on a table top.
REST-it, LLC is a Texas company started in 2015. REST-its product is Patent Pending and Copyright and Trademark registered. REST-its product is Made in the USA. REST-its website is
During 2016 REST-it marketed its product to 1) chain restaurants, such as the House of Blues and (2) in-house casino restaurants, such as Coushatta Casino (the largest casino in the state of Louisiana) and Golden Nugget casino.
Fact: Approximately 70% of women and 40% of men restaurant customers took their REST-it with them when they finished their meal. Many of these customers asked where they could buy REST-it’s for their personal use at home and when they go out to eat.
Based on test market customer feedback, REST-it also developed its product for sale in retail gift stores.  Customer benefits from purchasing REST-it are (1) it resolves their concern about a sanitary place to rest their silverware and (2) adds a “classy touch” to their table setting.
Customers can choose from six content versions of REST-it, each with a different theme of eight Conversational Sayings.
The product rack will hold six boxes of each of the six Conversational Sayings. Each box contains eight REST-its.
Betty Mae Dock, Owner